Author & Publisher Testimonials

“I was thrilled for Berit and her fabulous team of reviewers to read and help promote my latest novel. They flooded Instagram with their enthusiasm and gorgeous, unique images of my book. All of the reviews were thoughtful and the pre-pub interview with Berit racked up more than 500 views! I can’t wait to work with her again!”

Colleen Oakley The Invisible Husband of Frick Island

“Berit connected smoothly with my publisher and did a great job connecting my story with readers. Her program is a great value that definitely increased my book’s visibility with the bookstagram community during that all-important launch week.”

Virginia Kantra Beth and Amy

“Lets Talk Books Promo did a fabulous job of driving engagement for my 5th novel, psychological thriller YOU WILL REMEMBER ME. It was such a pleasure to see the off-the-charts creativity of the participants, and to engage and interact with #bookstagrammers. Five huge shiny stars!”

Hannah Mary McKinnon You Will Remember Me

“I have had the pleasure of working with Berit for several years. What started out as a request to read and review a single Berkley title quickly turned into a continuing partnership with her and other top book reviewers. With her dedication to her fellow reviewers and her enthusiasm for new books, Berit has successfully developed a number of innovative book reviewer programs. Berit has continued to grow her lists of buddy readers and followers, always looking to spread buzz for books to a wide range of readers across multiple social platforms. While her audience grows, Berit continues to be a loyal partner who is committed to helping books succeed. Readers can trust Berit to bring them a diverse selection of book recommendations and provide honest reviews. It has been enjoyable and exciting to work with her in getting great upcoming reads into the hands of people who will enjoy them most.”

Elisha Katz Marketing Director Berkley Pub

“With Let’s Talk Books, Berit has activated a highly engaged community of bookstagrammers. My tour boosted my exposure across social media, introduced my work to new readers, and created lasting positive buzz.”

Tessa Wegert The Dead Season

I had a fantastic experience with Berit and Let’s Talk Books Promo. My book was read by so many new-to-me readers, it was incredible. I’ve never tried instagram as a site to promote my books, but now that I found Berit, this may change! Personable, professional and so much fun, I highly recommend this service for authors!

Noelle Holten Dead Secret

“Berit was lovely to work with from start to finish. I loved the buddy read aspect of the promotion and felt like it added an extra layer of depth to the reviews. She was lovely to talk with during the Instagram Live interview and asked smart questions. I really appreciated the second Live with some of the bookstagrammers discussing the book together, too. My book — nonlinear, character-driven — is a bit difficult to categorize or summarize, and I loved that she and the others approached it with open hearts and minds to understand the way I was approaching the story as puzzle pieces of the character’s life fitting together by the end to create the picture of her coming-of-age. I highly recommend working with Berit and I’m telling all my friends!”

Heather Frese The Baddest Girl On the Planet