Birth and Other Surprises

Author: Kimberly David Basso

Publisher: IngramSpark

Genre: Parenting and Family Humor

Pages: 240

Average Rating: 4.48

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Birth and Other Surprises is a memoir of childhood in the seventies (no seat belts, no bike helmets, lots of eating paste) and early parenting adventures (no privacy, no clue, lots of eating what’s left on the plate) by Foreword Reviews INDIE Finalist for Humor Kimberly Davis Basso. Both a follow up and a prequel for fans of I’m a Little Brain Dead, it’s written in the same brutally honest style and will ignite book club discussions all over again. Early parenting lessons from a child of the seventies – because you have to remember what it’s like to be a child, in order to raise a child. 

Why, yes, there is a chapter on Epidurals, Episiotomies and Enemas called E.e.e.k! and Kimberly did do all the research herself. You’ll also get the Top Ten Questions she should have asked while pregnant and learn The Stupidest Thing We Ever Did, 1978 edition in addition to interactive portions of the book, like the Parenting Spirit Animals Quiz. 100% not scientific and yet still remarkably accurate- turns out Kimberly’s spirit animal is a sea horse, like so many. Lovely Hubby does make an appearance or two, what with being the other half of her procreative process and once again all names have been changed to protect the innocent. Even if you aren’t a parent, the alien analogies alone are worth a look. After all, Kimberly wasn’t born, she arrived. 

From the Author:

Hello! The best way to reach me is via my website, I also lurk around on twitter and instagram @KDBWrites on occasion. Thanks for stopping by, here’s a few bits about me:

A native of the Boston area, Kimberly has always been a writer- of stories, of plays, and of lists. She worked as a stage director and producer for nearly twenty-five years, and still occasionally hits the boards. She tends to move a lot, and always cross country- Boston =>San Francisco =>Miami =>Los Angeles =>New York =>Los Angeles. Are we done? Hopefully. She currently resides in good health in the Los Angeles area. Kimberly enjoys her family (one husband, two children, several pets) and her family enjoys road trips and roller coasters. 

Please get in touch in whatever digital form makes you happy:
Twitter @KDBWrites
Instagram @ KDBWrites and @the_bard_and_i

Kimberly Davis Basso has been honored as Book of the Year Finalist for Humor from Foreword Reviews, a Writer’s Digest Honorable Mention Author for Life Stories, an International Book Awards Finalist and others, none of which impress her children.

When asked about her influences, Kimberly says, “I can’t in good conscience make someone responsible for “all this”. Seems unfair to them to say!”

This book had me laughing out loud so many times. It brought back so many memories of all the ridiculous thoughts and moments I went through while I was thinking about getting pregnant, during pregnancy , childbirth and afterwards.


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Instead of providing a guided list of questions we felt this book was better discussed based on our experiences as mothers and just how relatable this book is.

We are still chuckling over this fabulous book, our amazing discussion, and the fun IG live! This book is 100% #ltbapproved 🍭


More Highlights and Reviews

A memoir of the author’s childhood in the 70s and her experience of raising her children, the read is witty, hilarious, tongue in cheek and no – holds – barred.


This book was such a refreshing and real look at parenting. I felt like the author was in my head a lot of the time.


I think every mom should read this. It’s the perfect reminder that as a mom, I am doing my best and I am doing great and that is all that matters. ❤️


Friends…this book 😍. I could not stop laughing! This is NOT a “how to” birth or parenting book. It’s a hysterical account of parenting in the 70’s vs now.


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