The Path To Sunshine Cove

Author: RaeAnne Thayne

Publisher: Harper Collins (HQN imprint)

Pub Date: March 30, 2021

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Domestic Fiction

Pages: 384 pages

Average Rating: 4.46

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Book Blurb:

“Thayne is a master at creating richly dimensional and kind characters from different generations who find themselves facing difficult challenges.”– Booklist

With the emotional pull of Debbie Macomber, Barbara Delinsky and Susan Wiggs, RaeAnne Thayne brings readers an uplifting, brand new story told with her trademark charm and heart.

She knows what’s best for everyone but herself…

With a past like hers, Jessica Clayton feels safer in a life spent on the road. She’s made a career out of helping others downsize–because she’s learned the hard way that the less “stuff,” the better, a policy she applies equally to her relationships. But a new client is taking Jess back to Cape Sanctuary, a town she once called home…and that her little sister, Rachel, still does. The years apart haven’t made a dent in the guilt Jess still carries after a handgun took the lives of both their parents and changed everything between them.

While Jess couldn’t wait to put the miles between her and Cape Sanctuary, Rachel put down roots, content for the world–and her sister–to think she has a picture-perfect life. But with the demands of her youngest child’s disability, Rachel’s marriage has begun to fray at the seams. She needs her sister now more than ever, yet she’s learned from painful experience that Jessica doesn’t do family, and she shouldn’t count on her now.

Against her judgment, Jess finds herself becoming attached–to her sister and her family, even to her client’s interfering son, Nate–and it’s time to put everything on the line. Does she continue running from her painful past, or stay put and make room for the love and joy that come along with it?

This book has emotion, heart, forgiveness, love and such vulnerability that it tore at my heart…all in a stunning setting.

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Discussion Questions Part 1

1.What do you think of Jess’s job? Would you enjoy her lifestyle? Could you use her services?

2. What do you think has created the riff between the sisters? How do you think their parents died? Why will Jess only say that it was violent?

3. What do you think of Rachel and Cody‘s relationship? Do you think Rachel‘s expectations are too high?

4. Do you see yourself as more of a Jess or more of a Rachel?

5. Do you have any thoughts on Eleanor‘s health? Or do you think we’re going to need tissue by the end of the book?

Discussion Questions Part 2

1.What were your overall thoughts of the second half of the book? Did you like the direction it took?

2. Which of the storylines drew you in the most? The romance? The sister relationship? Eleanor?Sophie? Rachel and Cody‘s relationship?

3 Were you happy with how all of these storylines resolved themselves? Do you think any of them weren’t result?

4. What is your final rating of the book? Would you read another book in the series? Do you want to go visit Sunshine Cove with me?

Highlights and Reviews

This is one of those books that takes you through some emotional valleys, but eventually leaves you feeling good. It has elements that I love in a story: sisters, a dark past, romance, and a beautiful setting.


The Path to Sunshine Cove is the kind of small town romance I love. It has great characters, a storyline centered around family, and a really great location along the Northern California coast.


Author Chat

We were lucky enough to chat with the author following our discussion of The Path to Sunshine Cove. We learned so many things from RayAnne, and she was so wonderful to chat with!

She lives in the mountains of Utah but she has always been drawn to the sea. She also enjoys creating fictional locations because she has more freedom to explore and create, although most of her locations are based on real places with a few tweaks. So Cape Sanctuary is fictional but she drew inspiration from Cannon Beach and Carmel.

FUN FACT: RaeAnne learned to type on an actual typewriter but had very early computers in the beginning of her writing career. The computer she wrote her first book on cost $100 at a bid sale and didn’t have a hard drive. It booted from a floppy disk and you had to save to a seperate floppy.

Another fun fact: When RaeAnne started writing she didn’t even have email. Everything was phone calls and actual letters <GASP> Her first fan letters were actually mailed to her from her publisher.

A Little Info about RaeAnne Thayne

#1 Publishers WeeklyNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne has written more than 60 books for HQN, Special Edition, Intimate Moments/Romantic Suspense and Bantam Loveswept. A seven-time RITA nominee, RaeAnne has received a career achievement award from Romantic Times for series romantic adventure, as well as a Pioneer of Romance award.

This information comes from her press kit

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