Calendar Of Events for Buddy Reads and Posting Dates

Book Title Pub Date Publisher 1st Buddy Read Discussion2nd Buddy Read DiscussionBookstagram Post, Retail reviews, & Goodreads Post done
The Path to Sunshine Cove
by RaeAnne Thayne
If She Dies by Erik Therme2/21
Out Now
Thecker Books3/314/24/5-4/9
Truth and Other Hidden Things by
Lea Geller
4/6/21Lake Union Publishing3/304/14/2-4/6
Little Pieces of Me by Allison Hammer4/13/21William Morrow4/64/94/10-4/14
They Fly Silent by Barb Lanell5/12/214/134/164/17-4/21
Birth and Other Surprises by 2/25/20IngramSpark4/204/224/23-4/27
Fade into the Bright
by Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Scwartz
4/27/21Delacorte Press4/214/234/24-4/28
The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes by XIO Axelrod5/4/21Sourcebooks Casablanca4/274/294/30-5/3
Dead Secret
Noelle Holten
4/16/21One More Chapter4/284/305/1-5/4
Moonlight Over Muddelford Cove by Kim Nash3/30/21TBATBATBA
A Song For the Road by Kathleen Basi5/11/21Alcove Press5/45/65/6-5/10

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